Papers in Arts and Humanities: Announcements <p><em>Papers in Arts and Humanities (PArtsHum)</em> is an open access, peer-reviewed journal for research in arts, literature, philosophy, theology and social sciences published by the Partium Christian University. The published papers are thematically gathered, in order to provide a multidisciplinary approach, seeking to generate discussion and trigger fresh insights.</p> en-US Wed, 08 Mar 2023 22:30:23 +0200 OJS 60 Call for Papers: Call for Papers, Vol. III, Issue 2/2023, "Space" <h3>Call for Papers, Vol. III, Issue 2/2023, "Space"</h3> <p>For this second 2023 issue of our journal, we would like to remain focused on “Space.” Thus, P’Arts’Hum invites scholars and academics to approach this generous source of inspiration, which constantly challenged the greatest minds of artists and thinkers along the centuries. However, we cannot conceal our preference for papers biased on social spaces and their metaphysics, dynamics and dimensions.</p> <p>We look forward to welcoming original contributions that would bring provocative insights for our Vol. 3, issue 2/2023 of PAH/P’Arts’Hum (Papers in Arts and Humanities) academic journal. Possible topics include but are not limited to:</p> <p>– social space &amp; political space<br />– spaces of segregation/discrimination vs. spaces of communion<br />– spaces of work vs. spaces of leisure<br />– religious space &amp; spaces of worship<br />– public space vs. private space<br />– intimate spaces &amp; home, the last frontier<br />– from downtown to subsurbia &amp; suburbs vs. outskirts<br />– urban vs. rural geography<br />– microcosm vs. macrocosm &amp; space unlimited<br />– on-line/ on-site as spaces of communication<br />– heterotopic vs. entropic spaces<br />– space and motion &amp; transgressing space<br />– space vs. place &amp; non-place</p> <p>We will continue with our new Miscellaneasection, for other inspired contributions on Arts, Humanities &amp; Social Sciences that would not specifically address the issue of “Space.” We also encourage papers addressing the topics of our previous issues, i.e. “Beginnings” and “Time.”</p> <p>The word length for abstracts is 150 – 250, key words 5<br />The word length for scholarly articles is 4000 - 7000<br />The word length for reviews is 1000-1500</p> <p>Submission deadline for the abstracts: April 15th 2023 to<br />Submission deadline for full papers (following the acceptance of abstracts): June 15th 2023</p> Wed, 08 Mar 2023 22:30:23 +0200