Call for Papers, Vol. IV, Issue 1/2024, "People"

For the first 2024 issue of our journal, we would like to devote our attention to “People.” Thus, P’Arts’Hum invites scholars and academics to approach this new and extremely generous source of inspiration for all areas of Arts & Humanities. “People” has remained in fact, throughout the ages, the most fascinating ingredient from what the universe has ever had in stock.

Thus, we look forward to welcoming original contributions that would bring more provocative insights for Vol. IV, issue 1/2024 of our academic journal Papers in Arts and Humanities. Still, we would like to underline for our possible contributors that “People” is/are at the center of any interactions with(in) possible topics (included but not limited to) such as:

– We the People (the constitution of the modern state)
– the will of the people (a legal and political fiction?)
– the power of the people (democracy)

– the voice of the people (media, social media)
– the manipulation of people (demagogy)

– the popular and popularity (stars, influencers)
– popularity vs. anonimity
– the power of anonymity (being one of them)

– collective mindsets
– popular culture
– values, beliefs & customs

– majority vs. minority
– citizenship vs. nationality (ethnicity)
– race & ethnicity & gender – blurring concepts

– people brought together (historical, social & cultural circumstances)
– immigrants (generations of)
– rites of passage
– identity & diversity
– outsiders vs. integration vs. sectionalism (ghettoization)

– the Other and the constitution of modern subjectivity
– the need for the Other
– individualism and freedom
– negotiating identity

– mild or explosive encounters
– dialogic quality
– cooperation & antagonism
– enemy and friend
– partnerships

– personal vs. public
– individuals and/vs. communities
– neighbours (the good neighbour, the girl next door)
– family & siblings

We will continue with our new Miscellanea section, for other inspired contributions on Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences that would not specifically address the issue of “People.” We also encourage papers, within this particular section, addressing the topics of our previous issues (see the site).

The word length for abstracts is 150 – 250, key words 5
The word length for scholarly articles is 4000 – 7000
The word length for reviews is 1000-1500

Submission deadline for the abstracts: October 1st 2023 to
Submission deadline for full papers (following the acceptance of abstracts): November 15th 2023

The Papers in Arts Humanities journal is included in two international databases (CrossRef and CEEOL).