Papers in Arts and Humanities (PArtsHum) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal for research in arts, literature, philosophy, theology and social sciences published by the Partium Christian University. The published papers are thematically gathered, in order to provide a multidisciplinary approach, seeking to generate discussion and trigger fresh insights.


Call for Papers (CLOSED)


PArtsHum  (Papers in Arts and Humanities), the newly established journal of Partium Christian University, is now inviting researchers in the fields of arts and humanities to submit contributions for the first issue in the series of Human Sciences & Arts. The contributions will be in the form of articles, essays, and book reviews that seek to investigate and cover contemporary topics from an enlarged interdisciplinary perspective. The first issue will address the generous theme of Beginnings, as illustrated in the course of historical developments and changes within human society. Conceptualizing beginnings and identifying their paradigms will be the major focus of the quest. We are, of course, looking for original critical essays written in English that would bring fresh and creative insights to the topics we have in view.

Possible topics include but are not limited to:

– beginnings vs. origins

– iconic representations of beginnings

– metaphors of beginnings

– the challenge of beginnings

– beginnings and tradition

– blurred beginnings

– beginnings: latency and emergence

– remembering beginnings: nostalgia or trauma

– beginnings and anniversaries

– beginnings and corrections/later adjustments

– beginnings that united and beginnings that divided

– beginnings as displacement

– the need for beginnings

– beginnings as an object of desire

– the permanent hunger for ‘the new thing’

– histories of beginnings: immigration

– old continents and fresh starts (America, Australia, Europe &)

– cradles of nations, cultures and civilizations

– founding fathers & mothers

– historical events as historical beginnings (i.a. fall of Berlin Wall, Hungarian Revolution &)

– historical beginnings in ancient, modern and contemporary times

– cultural developments: trends and movements

– novel responses to a changing social, cultural and artistic landscape in the age of globalization

– pioneering works and voices

– developmental beginnings: language and cognition


The word length for abstracts is 150 – 250, key words 5

The word length for scholarly articles is 4000 - 7000

The word length for reviews is 1000-1500


Submission deadline for the abstracts: December 15th 2020 to pah@partium.ro

Submission deadline for full papers (following the acceptance of abstracts): February 1st 2021

Author's Guidelines


Another call for papers will follow soon inviting contributions for the Social Sciences series of the Journal


Publication Ethics

The International Scientific Journal of  Arts and Humanities of Partium Christian University, publishes original papers in English in several areas of sciences. The series can be choosen from the left side menu.

Our publishing policy includes peer-reviewing in order to:
− filter the scientifically acceptable papers,
− improve the quality of papers,
− avoid plagiarism,
− avoid multiple submissions.

Submitted papers should not be considered for publication by other journals. The author is responsible for obtaining, if needed, the permission for publication of peer authors or other institutional authorities.

Authors are required to prepare their paper carefully, including reference to any paper they used results from, well demarcating their own results.

In the unlikely event when we become aware of ethics violation, we do not hesitate to publish corrections, clarifications, even retract the paper with appropriate apologies, as the case may be.